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Let’s meet Ari

Meet Ari - an IELTS test taker from India who has come to the Macquarie University English Language Centre for help with Part 3 of the test.
<v ->Hi everyone, and welcome to this final section</v> of the course on the IELTS speaking test. For this section of the course, I’d like to introduce you to Ari, who has come to see us to get some help with his speaking test. How are you? <v ->I’m good, thank you.</v> <v ->Thank you so much for coming in, and can you let me know</v> why you’re going to be taking the IELTS test? <v ->Well, recently I finished my bachelors degree.</v> Now I’m planning to do my masters degree in Australia, so that’s the reason I’m taking this IELTS exam.
The last time I took it, I did not get good scores, and could not qualify, so that’s the reason I’m retaking the exam, to qualify this time. <v ->I’m really sorry to hear</v> that you didn’t get the score that you needed, but I do think that it’s great that you’re already familiar with the structure of the test. How are you feeling about taking the test for a second time? <v ->To be honest, I’m a bit nervous,</v> especially for part three, which I find it to be a bit challenging. It might be personal, but I think part three is a bit difficult.
<v ->I actually think it’s quite common</v> to find part three a little bit difficult, and I think the main reason for this is because the questions are a little bit more hypothetical than in part one, or part two. However, I do think it’s something that I can help you with. Why don’t we have a look at some of the topics that you may see in part three? You do some example responses, and then I’ll give you some feedback on those. <v ->That will be great.</v>

In the next part of the course, Rose helps Ari with some strategies for the speaking test and particularly for Part 3. Listen to his first and improved attempts and evaluate his performance.


Ari has done the IELTS test before but he did not receive the score he needs. If you have done the IELTS test before, what advice would you give about the speaking test for candidates who are taking the test for the first time?

Write your answers in the box below to provide advice to other participants.

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