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Practising word and sentence stress

Practise using word and sentence stress for the IELTS speaking test. Improve your band score for pronunciation.
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We have created the following three activities so that you can practise what you have learned about word and sentence stress:

Activity 1

We have asked Ming Wei to tell us more about her family. Below is what she is planning to tell us.

Let me tell you a little bit about my family. My parents are from a small village in the north of the country but migrated to Shanghai about thirty years ago, when my father was offered a great job opportunity in an accounting firm. My mother was not very convinced with the decision of moving to a bigger city, but she adapted quite quickly. Both of my parents have always been very hard-working so we really never experienced any financial burdens. My mother works as an information technology specialist at a government department.
Why don’t you help Ming Wei and show her the correct word stress in her response? Go to this Padlet link and follow the instructions you will find there. Attempt the activity before you download The Activity 1 – Suggested Answers below.

Activity 2

In this activity, you will practise sentence stress. Go to this Padlet link and record the following sentence stressing a different word each time in order to change the meaning of the idea. Follow the instructions in the link provided.
My brother ate two burgers at the restaurant.

Activity 3

For this activity, we would like to to put into practise not only what you have learned about word and sentence stress, but also about vocabulary accuracy. Go to this padlet link and answer the same questions that Ming Wei did about her family. Make sure you use words accurately based on the context and grammar, and pay attention to how you use word and sentence stress. Go to this Padlet link and follow the instructions.

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