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Role Play 1 : 네. 취직했거든요.

Role play : It’s because I got a job.
Bae: Shall we practice the dialogue in the video by changing the mood and reason? Rachel and I will try the dialogue first like the characters in the video. Listen carefully. Prof.
Bae: Is there anything exciting going on today?
Rachel: Yes. It’s because I got a job. Prof.
Bae: Congratulations. I’ll treat you to lunch today.
Rachel: Really? Thank you. Prof.
Bae: Well, now you’re going to try the dialogue with me. When I ask you a question, please tell me the reason for your feelings. Is there anything fun going on today?
Congratulations. I’ll treat you to lunch today. Prof.
Bae: Shall we change the roles and try it one more time?
Yes. It’s because I won the baseball game.
Really? Thank you.

Let’s practice the dialogue together to practice pronunciation through roleplaying.

This week, we’re studying the expressions : “네. 오늘 제 생일이거든요.”

  • A: 오늘 무슨 기분 좋은 일 있어요?
  • B: 네. 오늘 제 생일이거든요.
  • A: 축하해요. 오늘 점심은 제가 살게요.
  • B: 정말요? 고마워요.

Now, make sentences using the following words and practice conversation. When prof. Bae or Rachel asks, you tell them the reason for your feelings.

Practice 1 : 즐거운 일-시험에 합격했다

  • Character : 오늘 무슨 즐거운일 있어요?
  • You : __
  • Character : 축하해요. 오늘 점심은 제가 살게요.
  • You : __

Practice 2 : 신나는 일-야구 시합에서 이겼다

  • You : __
  • Character : 네. 야구 시합에서 이겼거든요.
  • You : __
  • Character : 정말요? 고마워요.
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