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Role Play 1 : 따뜻한 옷을 들고 가세요.

Role play: Take warm clothes with you.
Bae: Let’s continue practicing the dialogue from the video by using different weather. Rachel and I will reenact the dialogue from the video. Please listen carefully. Prof.
Bae: What’s the weather like today?
Rachel: It’s going to be chilly starting in the afternoon. Prof.
Bae: Is it going to be very cold?
Rachel: Yes. Take warm clothes with you.
Bae: We’ll now practice the dialogue together. When I ask you a question, please describe today’s weather to me. Prof.
Bae: What’s the weather like today? Prof.
Bae: Is it really bad? Prof.
Bae: This time, let’s switch roles and practice together with Rachel.
Rachel: There’s a typhoon starting in the afternoon.
Rachel: Yes. Make sure to close the window tight when you go out.

Let’s practice the dialogue together to practice pronunciation through roleplaying.

This week we’re studying the expressions : “따뜻한 옷을 들고 가세요.”

*A: 오늘 날씨가 어떻대요?

*B: 오후부터 춥대요.

*A: 많이 춥대요?

*B: 네. 따뜻한 옷을 들고 가세요.

Now, make sentences using the following words and practice conversation. When Prof. Bae or Rachel asks, let’s tell them the weather situation.

Practice 1 : 미세먼지가 심하다-마스크를 챙기다

  • Character : 오늘 날씨가 어떻대요?
  • You : __
  • Character : 많이 심하대요?
  • You : __

Practice 2 : 태풍이 불다-창문을 꼭 닫고 나가다

  • You : __
  • Character : 오후부터 태풍이 분대요.
  • You : __
  • Character : 네. 창문을 꼭 닫고 나가세요.
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