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Key Expressions 1

Key expressions 1
Bae: Today’s expression is “Blue coats are on trend right now.” Sometimes, don’t you want to buy a coat that you have seen on TV? We say something is “on trend” when a lot of people buy and wear the same clothes. Then what’s on trend these days? These are denim jeans. The jeans are on trend right now. When a lot of people wear jeans, we say “the jeans are on trend now.” What else is on trend? Sneakers! Rachel, would you like to try to say itP?
Rachel: the sneakers are on trend right now. Prof.
Bae: Great! Let’ try to incorporate colors into our sentences.
Prof Bae: Here we have hats in many different colors. First, we have a white one here, and what other colors do we see?
Rachel: We have a black one. Prof.
Bae: Right, and we also have a blue one. What else?
Rachel: We have a red one. Prof.
Bae: Correct! And lastly, we have a yellow hat here. Prof.
Bae: Rachel, what is on trend these days?
Rachel: The black hats are on trend. Prof.
Bae: Good job. Shall we practice with the pictures? Prof.
Bae: What is currently on trend, everyone? Right, the red coats are on trend!
Prof Bae: Rachel, would you like to try the next one?
Rachel: What is currently on trend, everyone? Right, the white sneakers are on trend!

The expression we will learn today is: “Blue coats like these are on trend right now.”

How do you express “fashion trends” in Korean? Would you like to learn about talking fashion trends in Korean? Let’s practice while looking at example.

  • 요즘 청바지가 유행이에요.
  • 요즘 운동화가 유행이에요.
  • 까만색 모자가 유행이에요.
  • 빨간색 코트가 유행이에요.
  • 하얀색 운동화가 유행이에요.
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