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Introduction: This Week

Introduction: this week

Hello everyone,

In this week we’ll learn how to talk about special occasions in Korea and what people do on those occasions.

  • 부모님 생신이에요? (Is it Parents birthday? )

  • 아니요. 내일이 어버이날이거든요. (No, tomorrow is Parents’ Day. )

Also we’re going to learn how to say ‘special day’ which you celebrate in Korean.

  • 오늘이 한글날이거든요. (Today is Hangul Proclamation Day.)
  • 세종대왕이 한글을 만든 것을 기념하는 날이에요. (It’s a national holiday to commemorate the invention and proclamation of Hangul by King Sejong.)

If you feel that the content is too difficult to understand immediately, don’t worry! We are going to learn these expressions step by step.


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