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What is AI: Thoughts about AI

Let us sort out the confusion by digging more into understanding "what is AI" and "what is not".
Hej, welcome in this session, we want to speak about what AI actually is. Before I come to you with a perfect definition of AI, I want that we reason a bit together what AI could be and for that I will ask you to think a little bit what is I and what is AI and what is not AI? We have asked for some example people in our courses to give us some thoughts. What is AI and what is not. And some of them think like AI is able to solve problems based on what inputs it gets to which it will produce a certain output. And that is somehow on a very high level, quite correct.
And others say, yeah, even a system of predefined rules that is even not self learning can be already AI. And also later, we will see in a broader definition of AI that also fits very well. Some other thing that a system caused by natural evolution, such as a human child, might also be AI, and that’s definitely not AI because that’s human intelligence and also a system with predefined rules, someone might thought that’s not A.I., but that is a bit up to discussion. And if you have a very broad thought, what AI could be, then it also belongs to AI. So what do you think? What is AI and what is not?
in the following small section, fill in some thoughts what can be AI and what not?

This video will provide you with more knowledge to be able to differentiate between what is AI and what is not AI.

The discussion will start to answer the question by covering applications invented since 250 BC – of course, not yet AI systems, but having some ingredients which are essential for modern AI systems. We will also examine the optimisation process of Steel Works, carried out by F. Taylor, who uses the approach of the General Problem Solver, which is a key ingredient of AI systems.

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