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Where do we go from here?

Celebration, giving thanks, and answering the question "Where do the students go from here?" Encouragement on following passions and not worrying so m
So, you want to be an actor? First let me say, great! The world needs artists. And you wanting to be one is a noble and courageous thing. Secondly, we all know it’s difficult. There’s lots of competition and rejection. And it’s hard and demanding work. The competition part we can’t do so much about. It is what it is. But we can do something about how we approach being an actor. If you want to be an actor, find ways to act, any way that you can. Don’t wait for anyone else to give you permission. It’s easy to get stuck just auditioning for acting schools or for work– –and not do anything else in between to further your craft.
Put on a play with your friends. Take classes that are available to you right now. Or join a local theatre group. Actually acting is the only way to develop your skills. And it’s also the part that’s fun, right? Work towards developing a healthy, sustainable approach to your art. Think about it as something that you do. Not something that you are. Look for what excites you. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. Be humble. Accept that you don’t know how to do everything. Nobody does. The most important thing I’ve learned as a teacher is to be comfortable saying, “I don’t know”. And then of course the next sentence is, “but let’s try and find out.”
The same is true for acting or any artistic endeavour. And don’t forget to go see things. Plays and movies and dance and art exhibits. Find out what you’re actually interested in. Most importantly, this will give you ideas and inspiration. But this is also how you find what you’re interested in– –and what type of actor you want to be. It’s easy to get lost thinking that you just want to do anything. You probably don’t. You have tastes and interests. Take them seriously. It will give you a sense of direction.
Welcome to the acting community. You decide where you go from here. Only you.

In this video, Johan encourages us to always find ways to act and not wait for anyone else to give us permission. Find an acting class you can take right now, put on a play with your friends, or find a local theatre group.

He also talks about developing a healthy sustainable approach to your art. To think about it as something that you do. Not something that you are. Acting should be enjoyable, so, look for what excites you.

And don’t forget to go see things. Plays, movies, dance or art exhibits. Find out what you like and what kind of actor you would like to be.

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