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Grammar 2 (adjective + ㄴ/은)

Grammar 2 (adjective + ㄴ/은)
We learned a few adjective in the steps before. ( 크다, 작다, 길다, 짧다, 비싸다, 싸다)

When using these adjectives to modify a noun you have to attach ’ㄴ‘ or ’은 at the end.

For example ‘크다’ + ‘것’, since ‘크다’ doesn’t have a 받침 (final consonant) so you’ll have to put a ’ㄴ‘ and say ’큰 것‘; ‘작다’ + ‘것’, in this case, ‘작다’ does have a 받침, so this time you’ll have to use ‘은’ and say ‘작은 것’.

(Attached to an adjective) it modifies the following noun.

1. With 받침 + 것

작다 (Small) 바지 (Small pants)
짧다 (Short) 치마 (Short skirt)

2. Without 받침 or -ㄹ 받침 + 것

크다 (Big) 모자 (Big hat)
싸다 (Cheap) 운동화 (Cheap sneakers)
비싸다 (Cheap) 구두 (Expensive shoes)
길다 (Long) 바지 (Long pants)

Did you understand it? If you didn’t, please ask more questions in the comment section down below. Moreover since it is good to know other examples, aside from those presented above, try to share yours through comments.

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