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Talking about Korean culture

Talking about Korean culture
Likewise, today we learned how to exchange greetings in Korean. In Korea, people will say “Hello” as they bow their head. How do you say “Hello” in your country? And is there any certain motion or gestures that accompanies?
Nattanan : In Thailand, when we meet some, some people who older than we, we will this a lot, like this and say “Sawadee Kha” or “Sawadee Krap”. But someone told me that, in Korea, they’ll do that when they’re prayer. But sometime I can see they do like that when they saying thanks or sorry for someone. So I am so confused how should I do exactly.
Hannah : When I got my first part time job in Korea, so during the first day, I meet my current boss. So I was saying like “Hi” and this way to greet him, so he was like very unhappy. And after that day, I ask my Korean friends and also my Korean teacher, they told me that, they told me that is very unpolite way to greet people in Korea. So, after that day I learn from Korean teacher and saying “Annyeonghaseyo” and bow, and bow to them. So, from that day, I learning that is very unpolite way to greet and saying that “hi” in Korea.
Helene : So, usually when you meet friends in Denmark, usually give a big hug to people. Umm…but in Korea, you are very more reserved, so, first time I met friends here, I wanted to give them a big hug, but they were very awkward and you know very reserved. It was a funny situation. I see. Today, we studied how to exchange greeting with someone you’re seeing for the first time. Next time you meet a Korean person, try exchanging greetings as we learned today. Let me close with a greeting one last time. “Hello, my name is Milru. Nice to meet you.“

In this step we will be talking about Korean culture. This week we are going to discuss the following questions.

How do you greet people in your country?

And are there any certain motions or gestures to accompany this?

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