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Practice 1
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Practice 1

follow the Expression and let's practice(What kind of sports do you like?)
Ahn : Hello, I am Jung Ho Ahn from Institute of International Education at Hanyang University. I have two students here with me to learn Korean.
Nick : Hi? I’m Nick from America.
Bella : Hi? I’m Bella from England. Prof.
Ahn : Today, we will talk about our hobbies. “Bella, what kind of sports do you like?”
Bella : I like swimming. Prof.
Ahn : Very well. Bella likes swimming. This time, let’s ask Nick what kind of sports he likes to play. “Nick, what kind of sports do you like?”
Nick : I like playing soccer. What kind of sports do you like? What kind of sports do you like to play? Prof.
Ahn : I like playing basketball. Nick, do you also like playing basketball?
Nick : Yes, I also like playing basketball. Prof.
Ahn : Great. This time, let’s talk about movies. Bella, do you like movies?
Bella : Yes, I love movies! Prof.
Ahn : Aha! What kind of movies do you like?
Bella : I like romantic-comedies. Professor, what kind of movies do you like? Prof.
Ahn : I like horror movies. “What kind of sports do you like?” or “What kind of movies do you like?” is a sentence you use to ask others on what sports they like to play and what movies they like to watch. And “I like to swim” or “I like romantic-comedy” is the answer for the question. You simply have to state the name of your favorite sports or movies in front of “like” Let’s practice one more time, but this time, you two will ask each other.
Bella : Nick, what kind of movies do you like?
Nick : I like comedies. Prof.
Ahn : You now heard Nick response. Bella, how do you like comedies?
Bella : I like comedies too. Prof.
Ahn : Let’s all repeat again. “What kind of movies do you like?”

In this step we will help you to understand Korean expressions. Please follow the instructions with the educator. Let’s speak Korean!

A : 무슨 운동을 좋아해요? [museun undongeul joahyaeyo]

-> What kind of sports do you like?

B : 저는 수영을 좋아해요. [jeoneun suyeongeul joahyaeyo]

-> I like swimming.

A : 무슨 영화를 좋아해요? [museun yeonghwaleul joahyaeyo]

-> What kind of movies do you like?

B : 저는 호러 영화를 좋아해요. [jeoneun horeo yeonghwaleul joahaeyo]

-> I like a horror movie.

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