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Talking about Korean culture

Talking about Korean culture
Today we learned a conversation on deciding what kind of food to eat with someone else. what is the most memorable food you had in korea? how is the table manner in Korea different from your country? Koreans use spoons and chopsticks to eat food, and what kind of utensils do you use in your country?
Helene : In Denmark, we eat with a knife and a fork, whereas, in Korea, we use chopsticks, so I have to practice a little bit first. So, the first time I came to Korea, I remember that me and my friend, the English friend, we went to a restaurant to order food and we order two dishes, which is pretty normal for us. But when the food came out, there were so much food and we were so surprised, cause you know, in Denmark, you usually order your individual dish and that’s enough for one person. But then I looked around the restaurant and I realized that Korean people, they were all sharing their food.
And that was really surprising for me, cause, in Denmark, we usually just order our own dish. But, after some time, I learn to enjoy sharing your food with others and not only eating for yourself.
Nattanan : Korea food delivery service is very efficient because, during winter, it’s very cold, in a very cold weather, so if I don’t feel like going out, so I can delivery food like chicken or any food that I want. So I feel like Korea delivery service’s very …. I’m satisfy with eat.
Hannah : The first time I tried bibim naengmyeon, it so spicy for me. And, in Thailand, we don’t put the ice on food, so it’s so amazing for me. But, after I ate it, it’s so delicious, so it become my favorite food and I eat it often although in the winter. Oh. I see. There are so many food you must try when you are in korea. I hope you also try many different types of korean food. Thank you.

In this step we will be talking about Korean culture. This week we are going to discuss the following questions.

  • What is the most memorable food you had in Korea?

  • How is the table manner in Korea different from your country?

  • What kind of utensils do you use in your country?

if you have any experience about Korean Food or table manner, please share and tell us!

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