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Overview of NoSQL Data Stores

In this step, Graeme introduces non-relational systems. These data stores are called NoSQL stores.

In this step, Graeme introduces non-relational systems. These data stores are called NoSQL stores.

NoSQL stores are non-relational systems, as opposed to a tabular schema as discussed in previous sections. Standard relational databases have attributes as part of their transactions, such as atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (often shortened to ACID) that help assure high reliability of data.

By reducing or removing the reliance of these attributes, NoSQL stores are able to leverage them in exchange for increased performance.

This is particularly useful when working with data that arrives at a high velocity, or reporting from or adding to a store that has a large variety of data.

The name is a little misleading as many can still be interacted with using queries that take an SQL-like form.

Over the next few steps, Graeme will introduce us to a few common types of NoSQL stores, beginning with key-value stores.

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Graeme mentions in the video that despite being called NoSQL stores, we can often employ SQL-like queries on the data. Could you suggest an alternative name for these stores?

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