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Lessons learned from cases of damage

Lessons learned from cases of damage
© Keio University

Damage due to user carelessness has occurred several times in the past in the Ex-Noguchi Room. In this Step we’ll share some examples with you so that, in the future, you can use the Ex-Noguchi Room and other architectural spaces safely.

What do you think these marks on the floor are? They are marks where protective wax was peeled off as a result of affixing adhesive tape to the floor. If wax is peeled off, the surface of the floor material is directly exposed, and is more easily scratched. Even deeper gouges are present, thought to be due to dragging metal chairs or tables, etc.

Tape marks on the floor Tape marks on the floor © Keio University Art Center

Next is a case of chipping of the seat surface of stools. It is believed this chipping occurred due to cloth catching on the wood surface when removing the furniture cover. Damage was also confirmed on the seat sides and the bottoms of the legs. This was likely caused by tipping over or dragging the stools.

seat surface Damage to the seat surface of a stool © Keio University Art Center stool leg Bottom of a stool leg © Keio University Art Center

Also, some of the edges of the curtains have been frayed and torn like this. Curtains are installed at places where people pass through, and thus are frequently touched. The cloth is thin, so fraying and tears like this occur with even minumum force.

Frayed part of curtain Frayed part of curtain © Keio University Art Center

In the above examples, damage could have been prevented by handling furnishings with greater caution. Extreme care must be taken during use. If a piece is scratched, or damage is discovered, it should not be left as is. Report it promptly to the manager. There are cases where damage can be minimized through quick response.

© Keio University
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