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Featured Texts 3: Encyclopedias

Another kind of books written in Chinese text is catalogue.
In this step, we look at reference works such as dictionaries, compendia of quotations, and encyclopedias that were used both as aids in reading books as well as to compose one’s own poems in Chinese. Few works of this kind were reprinted by Japanese temples, so the majority of them were direct imports from China or hand-made copies. Among the most representative works of this kind are the Xinbian shiwen leiju (a), the Yunfu qunyu (b) and the Gujin yunhui juyao (c) all of which were compiled during the Song and Yuan dynasties. This Shilin guangji (1) was edited during the Song and is not available as a Gozan-ban edition.
This Yuan-period anthology Zengguang shilian shixue dacheng (2) was also not published as a Gozan-ban, although similar works were.

In this step, we look at reference works such as dictionaries, compendia of quotations, and encyclopedias.

Here are some representative works;

  • a. Xinbian shiwen leiju (J. Shinpen Jibun Ruijū, Newly-Edited Encyclopedia of History and Literature)
  • b. Yunfu qunyu (J. Inpu gungyoku, Assembled Jade Tablets, Arranged by Rhyme, 1307),
  • c. Gujin yunhui juyao (J. Kokon In ne koyō, Essential Rhymes from Ancient and Modern Times, 1297)

Watch the video to look at two major examples published in China.

Keio University books introduced in the video:

  1. Shilin guangji (Vast Record from the Forest of Things, J. Jirin kōki), Ming-period edition (15th. c)
    Click to see the image and information
  2. Zengguang shilian shixue dacheng (Expanded Introduction to Poetry and Poetic Matters, J. Zōkō jiren shigaku taisei), Yuan-period edition, 14th c.
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Keywords introduced in the video

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Sino-Japanese Interactions Through Rare Books

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