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Improvising on “Moanin'” with a playalong using F American Blues Scale and Thirds

Improvising on "Moanin'" with a playalong using F American Blues Scale and Thirds.
So I don’t know what you thought. I mean it’s a good first approximation to something that works now and then. There were some less satisfactory notes. Let’s try another simplifying mechanism. Since this is meant to be blues-inflected, and it is a minor chord – F minor – let’s use F American blues scale and see how that gets on in the A section. And then we get to the B section, can we improve on just using the F American blues scale, because there are quite a lot of chords there.
Let’s imagine we’re given C major 7. Here’s the chord. Here’s the scale.
Are there notes in there which are more important than others? I think the answer is “Yes”. There were some notes, which are probably – I don’t know, the sixth? – no, you could argue that the sixth was important. But anyway, if I were to say, what’s the most important note? I’m going to assume in some sense that C is given, probably by the bass player. Then I’d say the most important note is the third – the major third E that tells you it’s a major tonality, and it’s a very strong sound. So what I’m suggesting that what we do is we play strong notes, if we can, during the middle eight.
In other words, let’s just try and get in the thirds of the chords. I’ll play a phrase, but try and include that note. So, for example, when we get to the first bar of the middle eight – B flat minor 7 – we try and get a D flat in. A flat 7 we try and get a C in. G7 we try and get a B in. C7 we try and get an E in, and so on. And see whether that makes it sound a little bit more convincing.
Second A –

This time we improvise on “Moanin’” with a playalong using the F American Blues Scale in the A sections and attempt to exploit the thirds in the middle 8.

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