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Have you learned any valuable lessons as a UX Designer?

DOMINIC SANTUCCI: I’ll say this to anyone wanting to be a UX designer, or any current UX designer, you will have to make assumptions at some stage. And I think it’s for us, as UX designers, the most difficult and dangerous thing we can do is make assumptions for what users do want, don’t want. I think, I don’t think we can completely negate having to make assumptions, but certainly of late, I think, you know, putting the caveats around that really getting a deep understanding of, you know, documenting your assumptions, particularly, with larger projects. Knowing what the risks of making those assumptions are and what the outcome in making the assumption might be.
And and really, in particularly, with inside an Agile work environment, making everyone to know, make everyone known of that. So, if it’s a product owner, project team. I think as, UX designers, and on, you know, if you go to LinkedIn, I’m sure there’s loads of debate about it, there’s always a debate about UI, UX and all all the rest of it. But, certainly for us, it’s never going to go away. And I think, you know, we probably need to have a bit more due diligence around how we do that.
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