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Exercise: Time for Reflection

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After the idea has been reviewed, some stages may need to be revisited before finally releasing your idea into the wild.

These may include further research or ideation refinement. So, for a final task:

  • Note one thing that you discovered you need to research after prototyping.
  • Note one thing that could be improved after exploring the idea through story-boarding

At this stage you would go back into researching, or perhaps even ideation, to improve upon your idea until you reach a point where it’s ready to put out to market or present to the client.

The design thinking process is a great first step to ensuring that your design is efficient and innovative. It takes time to master the process and can be scary at first, but soon it will become habitual. It’s important to remember that design is a silent social scripter. The way your pen is made determines how you use it, the way a space is built determines how people flow through it or how they feel within it.

Design shapes the world we live in and in turn the world we live in shapes us.
Keep in mind that if you are creating something, its impact is your responsibility. The Design Thinking process can help you practice as a responsible designer and opens up the opportunity to develop new and innovative ideas for the future.

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We design the world and the world designs us.
Dr. Leyla Acaroglu – Australian designer, sustainability innovator, and educator.
© Torrens University
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