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This article defines the assessment criteria for the Critical International Migration Law ExpertTrack.
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There will be a series of tests comprising multiple choice questions for you to test your understanding at the end of each course. In addition, you will be asked to complete some Peer Graded Assignments (PGAs).

Assessment in Critical International Migration Law

Courses in this ExpertTrack will contain Tests. Tests are worth up to 50% of your final score. You can retake tests as often as you need but it is important to complete them as they count towards your overall score.

You will also find Peer Graded Assignments within the courses in this ExpertTrack. Peer Graded Assignment steps have been designed specifically for ExpertTracks to provide you with a chance to develop a deeper insight into the quality of your work through the review of your course peers. These assignments will help you to demonstrate your understanding of the material covered and skills learnt within a course. Assignments may be made of multiple tasks, each with its own ‘task prompt’ and grading criteria. Peer Graded Assignments are part of your final summative grade and are worth up to 50% of your overall course score.

To receive a certificate for each course within the ExpertTrack, as well as the overall ExpertTrack, you’ll need to have achieved the following:

  • Marked 90%+ of steps as complete
  • Attempted every test and assessment question
  • Gained an average score of 70%+ across all Peer Graded Assessments and Tests

Finally, you do not have to take any assessment until you’re ready. To help you prepare you might wish to spend some time reviewing and revising.

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Law and the Framing of Migrants and Migration

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