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Improve Your English by Watching Skippers Pass: Episode 1

Improve your English by watching a T.V. drama series called "Skippers Pass"
Hi, it’s me. I’m nearly out of range. I just wanted to call you to remind you to take your medication. I’m going to hike the Skippers Pass loop. So I should be home later this afternoon.
Beautiful day, isn’t it? It sure is. Are you heading up to the Pass? No. I’m on my way to the swimming hole.
Swimming hole? Around here? Yes. You mean you didn’t know about it? No, actually. Why don’t you come along? Have a swim. Um– Oh, it’s not far. Yeah. OK. I’d like to see the swimming hole. Great.
Come on.
I’m Sophie, by the way. Emma.
Come on! The water is perfect. I’m good here for now. [SPLASHES] You came all this way just to sit on the edge? Fine. You’re right.
This is just perfect. Yeah. That’s it.


A synopsis is a brief outline or summary of something. Read the synopsis (below) for the first episode of Skippers Pass.

Emma Oakley hikes into the wilderness, heading for Skippers Pass. On her hike, she unexpectedly meets a mysterious young woman, Sophie, and is invited to go with her to a hidden swimming hole.



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Learn English Through TV Drama Series: Skipper's Pass

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