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Three braille categories

Discover the 3 braille categories and amazing activities.

Activity sheets do not include school level or age range because children are not all alike!

They do not fit into equal boxes. One may be awesome with numbers, but needs help to developing fine motor skills for brick manipulation!

That’s why we’ve imagined 6 categories, with learning activities to progress us from manipulation, to orientation, to constellation, then characters and ending with literacy and numeracy.

You know all about pre-braille activities, let’s have a look at the 3 braille categories:

  • Characters: Learn braille letters, numbers, mathematic symbols and punctuation signs and know how to read and write them. Drawing of 3 bricks: A1, B2, C3

  • Literacy: Assemble characters brick by brick and play with words in order to develop the ability to read and write. Drawing of intro written with 5 letter bricks

  • Finally, with Numeracy activities, you will teach how to assemble characters, play with numbers and develop the ability to do basic mathematics and geometry. Drawing of 3 bricks showing 3+2=

The next three weeks of braille include discovery and analysis of six more activities.

Sometimes, you will be asked to try the activity, but don’t hesitate to play even when not invited!

Next, watch the videos of visually impaired children playing the same activities. Don’t miss the text below the videos! It includes analysis, comments and useful information concerning braille.

Finally, useful facilitation tips for teaching blind students are included at the end of each activity.

Ready to meet some interesting braille activities?

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