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Welcome to Week 3: the future…

Watch Ed Braman introduce us to the next week, where we'll look at how the screen industries are using new technologies to move into the future.
Hello again – and welcome to the third and final week of our online course on the screen industries and digital technologies. Over the past two weeks my colleagues and I have introduced you to some of the key features
of the contemporary screen industries: how the internet and the move towards digital have transformed how me make, distribute and watch movies and TV shows; how they have driven the development of games and inspired interactivity and immersion; how fundamentally all of this exciting activity is aimed at telling stories - expressing our ideas, giving shape and meaning to the experience of being alive. And we hope you have enjoyed telling some stories of your own and discussing your work with others.
Our third week is about the future: the new technologies that are emerging, not least through research and creativity here at the University of York, that are likely to affect the stories we tell - that we hope you will tell – in the next few years. We’ll be exploring Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality,
and Expanded Reality: how digital technologies and rich data systems can be used to add depth and detail to how we see the world; to extend what we see and what we hear into new dimensions; to immerse us entirely in new worlds and new environments where we can tell, and experience, ever richer and ever more absorbing stories. We’ll investigate how new technologies – and new industrial models – will affect the sorts
of stories we watch and where and how we watch them: the impact of streaming services, the coming- together of cinema, TV, games and more as they converge to create space for rich and complex stories that extend in multiple directions. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is just the start! We’ll consider the impact all these developments will
have on our lives: on what we consume and how, on how we spend our time, on where we go for information, and on how we will entertain ourselves in a word of screen storytelling where there will be few limits on the range and extent of tales we can tell. And of course, we’ll be inviting you to think about the role you might play in this exciting new world. Whether you will be a consumer or a creator. And if we have inspired you to create, where and how? As an individual storyteller using these powerful technologies to send your own stories into the world?
Or as a future professional, taking advantage of new industrial opportunities to pursue a career in one of the most powerful sectors of the economy, the creative industries. So welcome to this week – let’s start telling some stories together.

Last week we focussed investigating ‘storytelling’, and started by thinking about the films, tv shows and games we know and love, and the stories that they tell. We also delved into the world of interactive storytelling, and thought about how you might start a career in the games industry.

In our final week we’d like you to gaze into the future! What do you think tv, games and films will be consumed in 5, 10, 50 years time? How will future technologies shape the stories that we tell?

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Lights, Camera, Computer - Action! How Digital Technology is Transforming Film, TV, and Gaming

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