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Introduction to project planning

How should you plan a motion capture project, and where can you get help?
So Kayla, over the last few weeks, we looked at different ways of capturing data. But before you even get to that stage, you should have done, also, some paperwork, right? Yeah, the project planning phase not just consists of, say, choosing body parts or picking a marker set. It’s also doing things like data management, working on privacy and ethics and copyright, and making sure that your paperwork is in order. It’s really beneficial to you not just at the end of the project, but it helps organise your project through the whole thing. And you may even get into trouble if you don’t do it, right?
Yeah, there’s a legal aspect to doing human subjects research, which is something that we tend to do in movement analysis. So we need to make sure that we’re doing the right things not just to protect ourselves, but to protect the people that we’re doing research with, so that they have a good experience and come back again next time. But there’s a lot of things to think about. Is there anyone to help? Yeah. Actually, our local research group at the library in our institution is helping. So we’re going to go talk to them for these next videos and help you sort out where you can talk to. Cool. Come on in.

How should you plan a motion capture project, and where can you get help?

Kayla and Alexander walk over to the university library to talk to some librarians and data management experts.

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