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The nature connectedness index and the MENE survey

Have you ever wondered about what research into nature connectedness shows? In this article the University of Derby will share research with you.
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You have read some research in the previous steps.

Now, in the next few steps you will take a deeper dive into the research on nature connectedness.

Figure 1.15: Person connecting with nature Image shows a hand holding a twig with leaves. Image source: Pixabay (Accessed on 28.06.2021)

In order to study and compare nature connectedness it needs to be measurable. In this step you will be introduced to a scale that was a 2019 paper by Miles and colleagues in the journal Sustainability. It reports on a new population measure of nature connectedness. (Richardson et al., 2019).

In addition to a measurable scale, we also need a data set. The Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE) survey provides trend data for how people experience the natural environment in England. The survey has been conducted since 2009 by Natural England in partnership with Defra.

The new measure, the Nature Connection Index (NCI), was developed and tested in a project co-ordinated by Natural England using data collected via the MENE survey – now replaced by the People and Nature Survey. The MENE data included responses from 3568 adults aged 16 to 95 years.

The data revealed the NCI worked as a measure of nature connectedness for both children and adults and revealed some key insights regarding changes across the lifespan.

Before you continue to the next step, pause for a moment to consider your own predictions about the data trends we might expect to find. You could compare your thoughts with the data, which will be presented in the next step.

Reference list

Richardson, M., Hunt, A., Hinds, J., Bragg, R., Fido, D., Petronzi, D., … and White, M. (2019) A measure of nature connectedness for children and adults: Validation, performance, and insights, Sustainability, 11(12), 3250.

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