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Learning goals this week

Learning goals week 1
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Meet the Vidal family – Familien Vidal

The Vidals

Read about the Vidals or go directly to our first lesson!

In this first week, you will meet the members of the Vidal family.

They will accompany you throughout the course.

Alex, Benjamin, Cecilie and Dina are moving from France to Norway.

Cecilie is Norwegian, but she has been living in France for many years and is married to Benjamin, who is French.

Their children, Alex and Dina, speak both French and Norwegian.

Now, the family has decided to move back to Cecilie’s home country.

Ben has already found a job and moved to Norway and waits for the rest of his family to arrive.

In the following steps, you will read and hear about each member of the Vidal family.

They will introduce themselves to you, and through them you will learn how to present yourself and say where you come from.

Here, you also find a summary of your learning goals for this week:

What to learn

* Introducing oneself

* Making simple statements

* Words for nationalities

Main grammar

* Basic word order

* Question words
Now, join the discussion below or go directly to the next step


Have you experienced similar situations before?
Moving abroad and / or meeting new people and a complete new language for the first time?
Maybe you have been to a language course or met new friends in a foreign country.
Do you use any strategy to try to understand new words and learn new customs?
We are convinced that personal experiences are an invaluable source of knowledge and that we learn better when we learn from each other.

So, you are more than welcome to share your experiences and learning tips in our conversation thread down below.

Join us!

Now, if you are ready, you can mark this task as complete and jump to the next step where you’ll find the first member of the Vidals welcoming you.

Enjoy Norwegian!

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