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Life expectancy of human beings

Life expectancy of human beings
The next topic I will talk about today is life expectancy. You can see of the animals and humans have different life expectancy. Humans if life expectancy usually we can have something like average longevity probably is 65 years old in the world but the longest life expectancy human can live in the world can be 120 years old. However other animals they probably cannot leave longer as the human lives of to 120 years old. So I would talk about the life expectancy of human beings How do you expect? How do you calculate?
How do you know how long the human being can live So we define the life expectancy as the expected numbers of the years of life remaining at a given age. So, usually the medical studies, the human beings can live until 100 to 150 years old. How do we know the human beings can live to 100 and 150 years old? We have three calculation methods. The first one we can use the growth and development period in mammals. So usually the life expectancy we can estimate it be to be the five to seven times of growth and development periods in mammals so the growth and development period in humans are 20 to 22 years old.
That means life expectancy can be 100 to 150 years old indicates 20 to 22 times 5 to 7. The second methods we can calculate life expectancy of the human beings as due to the sexual maturity, so we can estimate the life expectancy of human beings as is about 8 to 10 times sexual maturity. In humans the sexual maturity as approximately 14 to 15 years old that indicate life is pendency of human beings as 100 in 10 to 150 years old. It’s very similar to the first methods we estimate. The third methods we can estimate the life expectancy of human beings as because the cell cycle of the somatic cells.
Usually, we can have two to three averages two point four years per cycle. So the number of the cell cycles for a somatic cells in the lifespan and are approximated to 15. So, the life expectancy can be estimated to be 100 and to 150 years old. So, average is about 120 years old. So, according to the above three methods, you can see the life expectancy of human beings approximately between 100 and 150 years old. The next I will show you the life expectancy in the world. The figures you can see the different colors in different areas or different regions. The blue colors indicated a life expectancy as above 80 years old.
However, the brown color indicated a life expectancy is below 40 years old. So you can see the differences between the highest and the lowest life expectancy in the world can be 40 years old. And those are different regions of life expectancy in the figures from the early year to 2015, so you can see with the changes the years, the world or other regions the life expectancy is increased so that means because the progress of the world; because the progress economic; because the progress of the medical treatments, you can see life expectancy in the world as increasing And I would talk about the life expectancy data in Taiwan. In Taiwan, Males they have life expectancy as 77 years old.
And for woman the life expectancy in Taiwan is 83.62 years old and all for a man and woman approximately the life expectancy is 80.2 years old so that’s that the data in 2015. So you can see female live lower than males approximately by 6.61 years. But if you see that changes in 2014 and 2015, you can see both male and females increase their life expectancy. For example, the male’s in 2014, the life expectancy is 76.72. But in 2015 the life expectancy in males is 77.01 years old. That means increased by 0.29 years. For females, in 2014 the life expectancy is 83.19 years old and in 2015 the life expectancy for femalesin Taiwan is 83.62.
That means increases by 0.43 years old. So you can see both females and male increase their life expectancy. And the tendency or the chance in life expectancy at birth in Taiwan Fuchien regions you can see from 2005 to 2015, both males and females increases their life expectancy with the years

There are 3 methods to calculate ideal life expectancy of human beings.

In this video, Prof. Chao will explain these 3 methods. However, in real life, the life expectancy are vary in different regions of world. Prof. Chao will also show the data trend, both globally and locally.

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