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World trend of life expectancy

World trend of life expectancy
And how about life expectancy in the world? The table shows CIA data in 2016 so the first one have the longest life expectancy in the world as Monaco. So you can see the life expectancy is above eighty years old. And also the mark, the region or the areas of those countries. So you can see the top ten countries have the longest life expectancy located in Asia and Europe. How about Taiwan and a famous country they everybody knows as the United States? You can see Taiwan place in forty places and United States in the 42nd places. So those two countries are very close for life expectancy. And for those countries you can see the life expectancy around 80 years old.
And what kind of country they have the shortest life expectancy? You can see most of countries have the shortest life expectancy located in Africa
The picture shows the country in Monaco and the country in Chad. And their life expectancy is very different. If you see a life expectancy in Monaco is 89.50 years old. So it’s almost 90 years old. How about Chad? The life expectancy in the Chad is only 50.20 years old. So you can see the differences between Monaco and Chad life expectancy could be 40 years old in the differences. And you can see the views and the pictures in Monaco and Chad street views are totally different. There is another data published in May 2016 by WHO.
So you can see different countries had different life expectancy for both sexes and also for females and for males so you can see Japan as the top one has longest life expectancy in the world in WHO data. And also there are lists of other countries have the long life expectancy.
And the other data show by the united nations department of economics and Social Affairs in 2015, so you can see the longest of life expectancy is in Hong Kong and Japan as the second place. The slide shows other countries have a long life expectancy. You can see… you probably will wonder femalesor males who will have a longer life expectancy. If you see the figures the y-axis is the female life expectancy, and x-axis is the male life expectancy. If you see the straight line, if the dots above the straight line that’s this female have longer life expectancy. If the dots below the straight line, that means men has longer life expectancy.
If you see the figures here, most of the dots located above the straight line so that means most of the country’s females have longer life expectancy than males.

Life expectancy at birth compares the average number of years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year, if mortality at each age remains constant in the future. Life expectancy at birth is also a measure of overall quality of life in a country and summarizes the mortality at all ages.

In this video, Prof. Chao shows the data from the world factbook of CIA (Yes, it’s the one you think it is!). You may find data regarding your region as well.

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