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Watch Dr. Terry Gleave explain more about this free, 3-week online course, introducing you to Human Physiology.
Hi, my name’s Terry Gleave. I’m a Lecturer in Physiology at the University of Liverpool and the lead educator for this introductory course. This course is designed to highlight the importance of physiology as a life science, and to provide you with an insight as to what physiology actually is. You never know, it may even encourage you to think about studying the subject further and in more detail. Whilst primarily aimed at A-level students who are considering studying a physiology or another related degree at university, this course is designed to introduce you to three of the human body’s key physiological systems. You have the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous system.
Each week, you set out with regular features to aid you in your learning, starting in historical review of the system in question, demonstrations of equipment that we use to measure some of the functions of each of the systems, and discussions around some of their associated diseases. As the lead tutor, I’ll be introducing you to each of the systems which will then pave the way for exploring each of them in more detail. We want you to engage fully with the course content, including the discussion forums that are available in each of the week’s activities. These will give you the opportunity to talk about your own interests or experiences, introduce related issues, ask questions, and even help each other out.
The course team will also be engaging in the discussions over the weeks and responding to common areas of inquiry as the course progresses. So now that you know what we have planned for you over the next three weeks, let’s get started.

Let us start with some introductions, I’m Dr. Terry Gleave, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool and the Lead Educator for this course, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to this short course on Physiology. For this running of the course, we will also be joined by Dr. Sean Goodman, a Lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at University of Liverpool.

The course is designed to highlight the importance of Physiology as a life science and encourage interest to study the subject further. Whilst primarily aimed at 16-19 year-old students studying A-Levels (or equivalent) who are considering studying a physiology or physiology-related degree at University, this course will be of general interest to anyone wanting to learn a little more about the human body. Over the next three weeks of this course, we will be focusing on three of the key human physiological systems; the Respiratory System; the Cardiovascular System; and the Nervous System. I believe getting to know the basics in these areas will really help you to advance any further study you might want to undertake in this area.

We hope that you immerse yourself in the content and engage with the discussion forums available in each of the weeks’ activities. This could be to talk about your own interests or experiences within a specific topic, introduce related issues, ask questions, and even help each other out. Although we won’t be able to answer every question directly, we will respond to common areas of inquiry and themes as the course proceeds. However, we’d really like to see you engage with the discussion boards to develop themes, introduce related issues, ask questions, and to help each other out if you find anything particularly tricky.

We won’t be able to join all of the discussions for this running of the course, or respond to every individual comment, but the course encourages a strong learning community. The learning is focused around debate and discussion – supporting other learners, sharing your own experience and knowledge, and listening to new perspectives. We hope that you will enjoy interacting with and learning from each other in this way.

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