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Preparing for a lecture

Preparing for a lecture animation.
Bob has looked in his guide about his course and seen that next week he has a lecture on earthquakes. At first, his mind is a blank on this. But then he starts to think about things he already knows about earthquakes. There has been one recently in the news, and he remembers about hearing about tsunamis and appeals for help after big earthquakes. This helps him in thinking about what else he could go and find out before the lecture. Bob thinks about where he could go to find out more about this topic. He thinks about going to the library where he can get some help finding a book that would allow him to explore the subject.
He thinks about research he could do on the computer, putting some key terms into a search engine. The library could help him come up with some key terms. He also thinks about chatting to his family and friends because they might have heard about other earthquake stories in the news. Having done all this background preparation, Bob is full of questions about earthquakes and heads off to the lecture, ready to hear more about this topic.

Were the points raised similar to your own ideas?

Has anything been left out – could you give Bob any further advice to help him prepare for his lecture?

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