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Self assessment questionnaire

Self assessment questionnaire
Student concentrating
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A) Which answer reflects what you did before listening to the lecture?

  1. I didn’t do anything, I just went straight in and listened to it.
  2. I thought about the title, wondered what it would be about, and wondered about what I might learn.
  3. I did a bit of research (such as a web search) on what was meant by the body project.

B) Which answer reflects the way you listened to the lecture?

  1. I just listened to the lecture.
  2. I made a few notes but found it hard to think of any questions .
  3. I managed to write quite a few questions about the material in the lecture.

C) Which answer reflects you thoughts about the lecture?

  1. I found nothing interesting in the material.
  2. There were a few interesting points.
  3. I enjoyed listening to it and would like to know more about this topic.

D) Which answer reflects your approach after listening to the lecture?

  1. I couldn’t think of any questions so there wasn’t anything else I could do.
  2. The questions were about things I didn’t understand.
  3. The questions were about points I found interesting and wanted to know more.

E) Which answer reflects where you thought you might go to find out more?

  1. I didn’t ask any questions but I might go and surf the internet on the subject.
  2. I might surf the internet or go to the library and look in some books.
  3. I might talk to other students, go to the library and search through library catalogues under key words, or look up key words in an internet search.


If you answered mostly 1s you have got quite a long way to go before you will be ready for a successful time at university. Perhaps have another go at the material in this week’s lesson.

If you answered mostly 2s, that is fine at this stage. You perhaps need to practice asking yourself questions at any opportunity, even as you watch programmes on the television or pick up information from the web. Try questioning what you read, hear and watch.

If you answered mostly 3s you are doing well and have the right approach as you prepare to think about higher education.

See if you can apply yourself more to want to ask questions. Taking information at face value is the antithesis of higher education. The whole world becomes much more exciting once you start questioning things around you.

© University of East Anglia
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