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Demonstration: Doing the “Hello World” Assignment

In this demo, Dr. Chuck will show you how to get started on your very first assignment, Hello World. You'll also learn about using the autograder.
<v ->So Hello, your next assignment</v> is to print hello world. But I want to show you how we grade things, and how this Autograder works. So here we are, in our FutureLearn course. And we’re down here, and our task is, is to do our hello world exercise. And so this is an exercise, that software that I wrote, that works outside of FutureLearn. And this is my server. The software that makes us, the system that makes this work is called Learning Tools that are not for building. It launches to my external system, and then eventually, I can send grades back, right?
So The idea here is, is that you are supposed to write code in this left box, and then you run it by going and clicking check code. So you write your code here. It’s got syntax highlighting, etcetera. And then this happens to have a syntax error on it. Because it’s not supposed to be prinq, it’s print. And so then you would fix this, and then you would send it. And then the output of your program shows up in this upper right box, and the desired output shows up in the upper left hand box. After your code runs, it checks to see if the output matches. And if it does, then it gives you your grade.
And you can do this as many times as you like, you know, I could, I could make a mistake here. And have it not be hello, and so you’ll see that it mismatches, right? So the idea is, you have as much time as you want, And it stores your code inside here. So if you were to go back to the course, and then go back to this assignment and launch it again, it restores what you had, right? And so one of the cool things is, is you can’t see the buttons here, but our teaching assistants have extra buttons, and they can go look your code up.
So if you’ve made a mistake, and you checked it, and it’s not working, you don’t actually have to copy and paste this code into the form, the teaching assistant can go in and they can actually look at your code. So this way is a way for you to show code to the teaching assistants, and get feedback without having to post the code. Because we don’t want you posting code in the forms. Also, the way this grading works is that the grades don’t go down once you get a perfect score. Once you get a good score, it’s not going to go down. You can actually play with stuff and it doesn’t hurt your score in any way.
In general, I know that some people are doing this in a library or on an iPad, or even on a phone, we’ve had people do this on a phone. We would rather what you did, is wrote this code in your Mac or your PC or even in Linux, and pasted your code into the graded. But we understand that a lot of people don’t have that ability to install it, and that’s okay. But just, you will learn more if you write all your assignments on your own computer and then paste it in here to be graded. But it’s up to you, how you do that.
So one of the things that happens inside of FutureLearn; for now at least, is that these grades that the Autograder sends, don’t make it all the way back into FutureLearn. The FutureLearn grades come from the tests that you take, which aren’t very hard actually. We don’t– But I really want you to do these Autograders. And so what we’ve got is, we’ve got this link to, it looks like an exercise, but it’s really a Gradebook. And these grades aren’t really counting towards your final grade, you can ignore them completely. But if you want to check, to see how you’re doing, right? You can go in here, and you can see the grades and all the Autograders.
And as you go through the course and get more and more of your Autograder work done, it shows up here. It doesn’t stop you from finishing the course, from FutureLearns perspective. So the Autograder Gradebook is the place, that you can check your own progress. So I hope this little walk through, the beginning of the Hello World Autograder and the Autograder Gradebook has been helpful to you, and you’ll hopefully enjoy the upcoming assignments in the Autograder.
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