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Welcome to Week 2 — Centrality of the Child: Risks, Protective Factors and Participation

El anfitrión del curso ofrece un video de bienvenida y una guía sobre el enfoque de la Semana 2.
Hello, and a very, very warm, welcome to week two in the first two weeks of the course we explore the dynamic nature of person to person transmitted infectious disease outbreaks in the public health measures that can be put in place in a response. We looked at infectious disease outbreaks through the social ecological lense and ended the week by reflecting on the guiding principle for child protection at the core of any infectious disease outbreaks response. this week is focused on the centrality of the child in the COVID-19 response. We will explore comprehensively how COVID-19 and associated public health measures generate new or exacerbate existing child protection, risk factors, and the role protective factors play in children’s lives.
We will also consider the differential impact of infectious disease outbreaks on girls and boys. This will be followed by exploring adaptations for engaging children. And young people in decision-making. In COVID-19 and other IDOs. Including consideration on the inclusion of children with disabilities and other marginalized children. We look forward to engaging in critical discussion and debate as we move through this week.

By the end of this week, you should be familiar with:

  • Describing child protection risks and protective factors through socio-ecological and developmental models, including considerations on gender differential impacts during COVID-19 and other IDOs.

  • Practical approaches to foster children’s participation during COVID-19 and other IDOs.

  • Key considerations of working with young people.

  • Approaches to working with children with disabilities and other marginalized children during COVID-19 and other IDOs.

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Protecting Children during COVID-19 and other Infectious Disease Outbreaks

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