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Young People Taking Action in Response to IDOs

Learners explore examples of young people’s engagement and participation during COVID-19 by hearing the voices of young people who are taking action.
I’m a refugee from Somalia living living in a refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya. when I see the wordl suffering under coronavirus infection and most part of Kenya are infected. I can assist in preventing this disease by giving a lot of awareness to my community. Under various way of stopping the spread of this disease, I also come up with simple hand washing gadget using local available materials.
My name is Aden Salat Hussein, I come from a family of four siblings. During the Civil War. My parents decided to take me to Dadaab Dadaab where I could be safe and continue with my education. My relative welcoming me into the camp and then started a new life.
Scouting was a new concept in Dadaab and among the Somali community my party and group had to be very tactical in introducing it to the Community, restriction of movement is by the government for which she has denied me many opportunities to travel and interacting with other scouts But have kept the inner drive
I have learned that scouting cuts this across social cultural barrier so long as it is explained well to the community members.
But both boys and girls can shine in Scouting even if they come from challenging circumstances and other things. I have learned that scouting can be used to solve the problems in your mother country and also in the camps.
With the rapid spread of coronavirus into the country. Up to the refugee camp, I decided to show my scouting skills. I learned it by making up this simple home washing stand using local available material and it is. That’s why we call it as simple hand washing. gadget or stand ‘cause you don’t You don’t need to go to market and buy material but this is something that you can easily find within your home like using A 5 litre jerrycan and getting a stick. and a rope yeah, and that’s what you need at all. By using 2 holes After that you put it the two pole after that.
Now you put it on top another pole Now before you tie in then you have to put that 5 litre after the 5 litre you have to tie the two side.
So for that opening area you have to tie with the rope hanging down so that now you have to  to tie with another. So that Now you can easily step on so that now the water can easily drop in down so that you can easily wash your hand.
So after coming up with this and so we started going somewhere different places like where people meet like the market. Yeah, and look within the community. So what the face and challenge for the first. So I really like a scouting because it was scouting has really giving many achievement so. Coronavirus has infected the world I would like to advise and people then to to to take the measures also to follow the directive from the government also to wash their hands. All the time.
Also using the simple hand washing that we have come up with a simple and washing stand that will come up and so that they can easily wash This I would like to advise you to use that simple handwashing stand It is easy for you to construct your home an also you are able as a family to wash your hands all the time.
Despite the multiple impacts of COVID-19 on young people’s lives, many young people have rapidly mobilized to respond to the crisis. Young people around the world are working together and taking action to protect themselves and their households from the disease, to support their communities and to prevent the spread of the outbreak. Young people know what is most needed in their community and have the ability to adapt, connect and respond quickly.

Watch the video produced by AVSI. In this video young people from Somalia, living in Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya, talk about how Scouts in the Refugee Camp are taking action against COVID-19.

Would you like to know more? You can explore how young people in Africa created responses to COVID-19 in the accounts of Oliver, in Uganda, and Catherine, in Kenya.

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Protecting Children during COVID-19 and other Infectious Disease Outbreaks

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