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Welcome to Week 4

In the video John provides you with an overview of what we will cover in the final week of the course.
JOHN SMITH: Welcome to week four. This is the final week of our course where we look at the specific skills that you will need for reading and key strategies for effective listening. Part two and three of the test assesses your ability to understand written and spoken English in an academic environment and requires a large combination of reading and listening skills. These sections can be especially challenging. But you can improve your confidence and overall performance by practicing the reading and listening sub-skills that are required. For part two of the test, you need to demonstrate a range of effective reading skills including intensive reading, identifying the relationship between ideas and following a logical sequence of events.
In part three, you will need to understand a variety of accents both native and non-native and recognise variations in tone, speed and accent. You also need to be able to recognise signposts and predict what’s coming next. So, let’s get into week four where you’ll explore and practice all of these sub-skills to better prepare you for the test.

In the video John provides you with an overview of what we will cover in the final week of the course.

This week we will identify, explain and practise the specific reading skills and the required listening skills for being successful in Part 2 and Part 3 of the test.

Your task

Week 4 is about specific subskills required to tackle the reading section of the test and strategies for being successful in the listening component. In the comments section, share your thoughts on how you find the reading and listening parts of the test. Which test items do you find the most challenging? Do you have any tips for approaching specific tasks?

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