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Is it a Basic Religious Charity?

The other factor affecting reporting obligations to the ACNC is whether your charity is a Basic Religious Charity (BRC).
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The other factor affecting reporting obligations to the ACNC is whether your charity is a Basic Religious Charity (BRC).

If a charity meets the requirements to be classified as a BRC, it may be exempt from certain reporting obligations. These exemptions apply regardless of the BRC’s size.  

BRCs are required to:  

  • Meet the External Conduct Standards if operating overseas 
  • Submit an AIS by completing the non-financial sections and  
  • Notify changes.  

BRCs are not required to: 

  • Provide financial information in the AIS  
  • Submit annual financial reports or  
  • Meet the Governance Standards.  

Some BRCs choose to provide financial reporting to the ACNC and if your charity wants to, it must meet the requirements that apply to your charity’s size.

The following table shows the reporting obligations of BRCs compared to other charities (small, medium, large).  

Table showing small, medium, large and BRC charities along left column versus their 2022 size threshold, and obligations to: annual reporting, Duty to Notify, Governance Standards and External Conduct Standards

*Duty to Notify reporting timeframe for BRCs depends on the size of the charity. For more on the Duty to Notify generally, see Step 1.17.

It is possible to apply to keep your charity’s size in certain circumstances. The following case study provides an example.

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Reporting Obligations of Your Charity Part A: Overview and Basic Financial Skills

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