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Course outline

This article outlines the content of this course on sustainable marketing.
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This course runs over a period of four weeks. Each week covers topics related to sustainable marketing. Every week, you are expected to read short articles, watch videos, test your learning in quizzes and engage in discussion with your peers.

The topics of the weeks are:

• Corporate social responsibility

• Responsibility to stakeholders

• Sustainability

• The circular economy and carbon footprint

• Third-party sustainability certification

• Responsible consumption

• The sharing economy

About comments and discussions

In each step, you find the commenting tool at the end of the page. Whenever we ask you to reflect on something, you can write your thoughts in the comments at the bottom of the step. Commenting is optional, but we do encourage you to take the time every now and then to reflect on the questions we ask. This will help your learning. We also encourage you to talk to each other. If something is unclear, ask about it in the comments – maybe your peers can help you understand it. At the end of each week, in the wrap-up activity you will have the opportunity to ask questions from our instructors. So, if something is unclear, use the opportunity to engage with the instructors in the weekly reflection discussion. Our instructors monitor the discussions from 10th May to 21st June 2021. If you join the course later, we cannot guarantee that your questions will be answered.

For some steps, we ask you to follow a link to an external website. This is so that you can carry out research to help you complete certain tasks. However, please ensure that you make your way back to the FutureLearn platform to complete the tasks and share your knowledge with your fellow learners in the discussions.

About quizzes and tests

During this course, we have both quizzes and tests. Quizzes are a simple way for you to check that you have understood the main points of for instance a lecture. Tests are only available for upgraded learners. Upgraded learners that successfully complete the tests are awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

For more information about upgrading and getting a Certificate of Achievement, please click here.

© University of Central Lancashire
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Responsible Marketing and the Fundamentals of Corporate Social Responsibility

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