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Arriving at the scene

Setting up at the crime scene. Tracy explains to the trainee how to proceed at the scene and the different tasks/ steps that need to be taken.
OK, so what will we do at the scene? So– the report so far– we have a deceased male, approximately 30 years of age - Yeah. - that was found in the early hours of this morning - Oh, is that so? - on this foreshore. All scenes of crime officers have been here since about 8 o’clock this morning. I’ve asked them, instructed them to take photographs already and to visually capture the scene. This area here that we’re going to walk down is a common approach path set by our officers - Yes. - and reviewed.
We have cordons in place by this end of the foreshore and at that end of the foreshore, to protect the scene and protect our evidence within it. Yeah. We’re going to use this common approach path, which would have been used and chosen because it’s been used by the first person reporting, our officers, the paramedics and obviously all scenes of crime officers as well. So, we’ll head towards the body. We’ll try to get more of a debriefing about what actually happened here. OK.

Natsumi and Gihan arrive at the crime scene. After a short briefing, we go and meet Scenes of Crime Officer James Gooch who will take you to the main spots of interest, and secures the main evidence.

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