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What’s on for next week?

SARAH BEKESSY: I really hope you enjoyed the first week. And now have many new ideas about the remarkable potential for nature to help address profound urban challenges. This week we focused on the motivations for and the benefits of bringing nature into cities. And we defined and explored the range of nature-based solutions available to us. Next week, we’ll focus on the how-to of building nature into urban centres, choosing the right nature-based solution to address diverse challenges, using biodiversity sensitive urban design to help embed nature considerations at the right stages of the development process. Thinking carefully about the barriers and obstacles you might encounter. And also the importance of engaging key stakeholders to ensure success.
We’ll hear more stories from practitioners actively engaged in the delivery of nature-based solutions for cities, delving into a diverse range of international case studies. Collaborating and learning with others will continue to play an important role in extending our thinking. So please stay tuned and join in for our next week of exciting learning.

Next week, we’ll dive deeper into the key elements of design to help us answer the big question: ‘‘How can nature help us overcome the challenges facing cities?’

This week we focused on the reasons for and benefits of bringing nature into cities and we defined and explored the range of nature based solutions available to us.

In Week 2, we’ll delve into the practicalities of implementing nature-based solutions in cities: choosing the right approaches, using tools such as ‘biodiversity sensitive urban design,’ overcoming barriers and engaging the public.

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