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Meet the team

Associate Prof. Clare Minahan & Dr Alana Thomson are delighted to welcome you to the course. Learn about these lead educators and read their profiles.
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Lead Educators

As the lead educators of this course we are looking forward to taking you on a journey to explore the preparation of elite athletes for a major sports event. We both work in sports research at Griffith University and you can find out more about our experience and interests below.

We look forward to meeting you in discussions within the course.

Associate Professor Clare Minahan

I began my career as a Sports Scientist at the Queensland Academy of Sport (Australia) almost 20 years ago. Now, I am the lead academic of the Sports Physiology and Performance group at Griffith University.

My research interests are in the advancement of human performance via the evaluation and characterization of elite athletes, as well as the use of dietary and environmental interventions.

A key focus of my current academic activities is the transfer of knowledge to female athletes and athletes from developing countries in order to meet their unique requirements for elite performance and often unmet needs.

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Dr Alana Thomson

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Griffith Business School’s Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management. Sport events have been the focus of my work over the last 15 years, during which time I have fulfilled roles as a researcher, practitioner, and policy writer.

In addition to my current research position I also hold positions on the boards of the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) and FSG Australia (which stands for freedom, social justice and growth).

My research focus is sport and social legacies of large-scale sport events, in particular the planning and policy required to secure positive outcomes from events.

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Contributing Educators

We’d also like to introduce others from Griffith University who have contributed to some of the content in this course.

Mr. Duncan Free OAM

Mr. Duncan Free is an Olympic Gold Medalist in rowing and is the Director of the Griffith Sports College where he mentors students who are also elite athletes. Duncan has also been inducted into the Queensland Sport Hall of Fame and has been awarded an Order of Australia (OAM), an award established by Queen Elizabeth II which recognises Australian citizens for achievement or meritorious service.

The 2017 award ceremony at QT Gold Coast acknowledged Duncan Free as a true champion and described him as one of the greatest oarsmen in Australian rowing history.

“Free wasn’t just the best, winning world championships and Olympic gold; it was his ability to stay at the top, or to climb back to the pinnacle after adversity that stamped him as a unique athlete.”

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Dr Caroline Riot

Dr Caroline Riot is the Director of Engagement and a lecturer in the Griffith Business School. You’ll hear from her during the course about further study opportunities available at Griffith University in sport and event management.

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