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What will happen if I’ve been unsuccessful?

An article to explain what is likely to happen if they have been unsuccessful at interview
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Unfortunately, it could be the case that you are unsuccessful at interview. If so, the process of finding out is the same as in the previous step.

If you have been unsuccessful, then use the advice from earlier in this course to assess your performance, ask for feedback and prepare again for any further interviews. You may also still be waiting to hear back from other institutions, so try not to be too downhearted about it at this point.

If however, you have not secured a place to study at any of your five choices, there are other options open to you.

UCAS Extra

When you track your application, you may find that UCAS Extra is an option for you if you’ve received decisions from all 5 universities you applied to and weren’t accepted or declined any offers you received. If so, this means that you can add one extra choice at a time between 25th February and 4th July until one accepts you. See the UCAS Website for more information.

Reapply the next year

It might be that the best option for you is to take a year out and reapply next year. We find this advice is particularly given to unsuccessful medicine students. Often they are not rejected because they wouldn’t be a good doctor, but that they didn’t quite have the right experience, knowledge or skill set at that moment in time, or that the competition that year was particularly high.

Whatever happens there are other routes you can explore – we promise all is not lost! Talk to your careers tutor at sixth form or college, or directly to the Admissions team at your chosen university to find out what else is open to you.

Self care is also really important at this time. What would be your go-to thing to care for yourself in a situation like this? Share your ideas and thoughts with the community in the discussion below

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