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Case Study: online retailer, Indelust

In this case study, learn about how online shop Indelust is catering to a niche market and growing its global customer base.
Case Study Online Retailer Indelust
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Sana Rezwan Sait is the Founder and Creative Director of Indelust – an online shop showcasing a curation of sustainably sourced fashion, art and design by emerging designers, artisans and innovators from the Indian Subcontinent.

“There are so many creative and innovative designers coming out of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal and some designers who have studied and/or worked abroad, but have come back ‘home’ to re-interpret what they learned utilising traditional styles and techniques,” Sana says. “As an Indian, I am proud that we are finally doing something the rest of the world is paying attention to. Indelust is an expression of this new fashion sense and confidence emerging from our part of the world.”

Indelust is a destination where artisans can work with fashion-forward designers to create clothes, accessories and homewares that inspire for a lifetime. What’s stocked on Indelust has been very carefully selected with Sana’s exceptionally high level of taste and a fierce eye for detail. “We choose designers that are re-interpreting ancient traditions and techniques in a modern, more minimalist context,” Sana explains.

“I think at the core of true luxury goods, you will always find artisan made products. Consumers these days have been a bit misled by the mega marketing machines that have taken over many luxury houses. We no longer invest in the artisanship behind an Hermès bag, or if we do, it’s secondary only to the prestige of what possessing this label will say about us.”

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From a big picture perspective Indelust is working to build awareness about ethical sourcing and to establish a devoted following of customers worldwide who appreciate unique and handcrafted products.

Indelust targets 25 to 45 year-old women and men who think globally and are socially responsible, but are not necessarily passionate activists consumed by a cause. While they love fashion, they aren’t dictated by labels or trends. They tend to combine contemporary labels with vintage and purchase pieces that will last in their wardrobes a lifetime.

Initially Indelust’s customers were concentrated in the United States (NY, Portland, and Austin), but the online shop has seen a huge increase in shoppers from India and other countries more recently. They offer a great mix of brands, with ready-to-wear selling very well in India and home décor and jewellery selling well in Australia and the U.S. Indelust hopes to add more emerging and established designers as well as artisans to its range of brands and to expand into the children and infant category.

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