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Thank you and goodbye

Prof. Christa Tobler summarizes the course about Switzerland in Europe and addresses future possibilities.
Well, we have come a long way together. Standing at the River Rhine, at the place where we started, we hope that you enjoyed the course as much as we did. The course addressed many different issues, such as the Swiss democratic system, the legal relationship of Switzerland with is European neighbours, and globally important issues, such as tax transparency and migration. We hope that the course has kindled your interest into the legal relationship between Switzerland and Europe and perhaps also shed some light on similar situations elsewhere in the world. In any case, we would like to thank you very warmly for your discussions and your engagement in this course.
The Europa Institute, or Institute for European Global Studies, is an interdisciplinary research institute at Basel University, dealing with topics akin to what we discussed in our course. However, our institute does not only research; it also offers study programmes in the fields of European Studies and European and Global Governance. Do visit our website for further information. My team and I wish you the very best for the future. We hope to see you again, be it here in Basel or in another free online course.

Goodbye and thank you for your contribution to this course!

Having discussed many different issues, such as the Swiss democratic system, the legal relationship of Switzerland with its European neighbours and globally important issues such as tax transparency and migration, we hope that the course has kindled your interest in the multifaceted relationship between Switzerland and its European neighbours or shed some light on similar relationships elsewhere.

Feel free to visit the website of the University of Basel’s Institute for European Global Studies and obtain information about the possibilities offered to study at this truly European location.

Please give us your feedback. What did you learn in this course? What did you find challenging? We look forward to reading your comments. Your feedback will help us to improve the course before running it again.

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Switzerland in Europe: Money, Migration and Other Difficult Matters

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