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The benefits of the framework

Watch Jonah explaining some of the benefits of the Skills Builder framework.
As a trainer, I have shared the skills builder framework with various education professionals, including teachers, school leaders and curriculum developers. I have found that the framework helps all educators and students tremendously in the following ways. Number one, it enables curriculum developers to produce competency-based curriculum with clear learning objectives, content, and assessment for core life skills critical for the 21st century student to master. This had been a challenge for many educators. Number two, at every stage it shows the teacher what students need to do next to continue improving, by showing them the small part of the skills builder.
Number three, it makes it possible to see progress depending on the outcome students achieve, and what they are able to do over time. Number four, it is easy for today’s young people with short attention spans to remain focused on the material, as the content is broken down into small steps, incorporating engaging multimedia. Number five, it is motivational to learners, as they can see genuine progress within a short period of time as they master the steps in the framework progressively. And finally, number six, the framework makes it easy for teachers to design formative assessments for their students based on the progressive steps that are part and parcel of the framework.

How could this framework be useful to you? For example, one benefit is that it turns the skills into really tangible outcomes, which makes it easier to teach them.

Can you think of a few more?

Now watch this video and compare your ideas with Jonah’s.

Did you think of any of the following?

  • The steps can be used as learning objectives for core skills.
  • It shows what students need to do next to continue improving by showing them a small part of the Skills Builder framework.
  • It makes it possible to see progress, depending on the outcomes students achieve and what they are able to do over time.
  • It helps join up opportunities to build skills beyond school.
  • It enables students to understand and communicate their skills, and provides a common way of sharing these skills between teachers, parents and other organisations.
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