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Teaching the steps of a skill

Watch the video describing how a teacher could teach teamwork step 1 in the classroom.
The teacher has done her preparation by looking through the information that you’ve just read and discussed and made a plan based on that.
The teacher asks the learners to think about what the word behaviour means to them.
Younger learners will probably link this to being well-behaved, which is definitely part of it. But it’s not the whole picture. So it’s important to encourage them to think about what this looks like.
Next, learners should think about what behaviours are never acceptable.
They are likely to start by thinking about the school rules. This is a helpful example.
But the teacher could challenge them on whether these same laws would apply in their homes and ask them for examples.
This can open up the conversation to how different behaviours may be appropriate in different places.
And learners can identify how they behave differently in different settings.
This step is suitable for reinforcing in the classroom as a set of behaviour norms. The teacher can also highlight the differences between appropriate behaviour at break time and during learning time to help learners recognise them.
Assessing this step can be done by observing students behaviour over time to see if they can identify and follow norms of behaviour in different settings.

Watch the video describing how a teacher could teach teamwork step 1 in the classroom.

Do you remember the building blocks that she wants to focus on?

The building blocks are learning:

  • what behaviour means
  • behaviour which will never be appropriate
  • how appropriate behaviour might vary.

What questions does she ask to guide the students towards these?

A pdf document containing the slides from the video is available below under ‘Downloads’.

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