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Read this article to discover more English grammar training courses, online resources and other materials created by Englicious.

This course was created by the team behind Englicious

Englicious is a project with the aim of helping teachers and schools to teach English grammar in fun and meaningful ways.

The Englicious team works out of the Survey of English Usage in the Department of English at UCL. The project takes expertise from areas such as stylistics and corpus linguistics, and makes it useful for parents, pupils and teachers. This means all the content is up-to-date and reliable, unlike other resources you may come across online.

The Englicious website has hundreds of free, interactive English grammar resources. These resources are in line with the updated National Curriculum for England and Wales. The website also has an exhaustive glossary of up-to-date terminology. All the resources are completely free to access: all you need to do is register with an email address and password.

Englicious also creates media content on English grammar. You can listen to our series of podcast explainers, or watch our series of YouTube videos.

There are other resources for sale. The book ‘Oxford Teaching Guides: How To Teach Grammar’ is available, and is based on the same principles as this course. We also sell paper resources: flash cards, posters and knowledge organisers.

Originally, we ran our training courses in person at the UCL campus in London. Now, we mainly run our courses online. Synchronous, half-day online training courses run throughout the year. Our sister course, English Grammar for Teachers is available either online or as FutureLearn course. If you enjoyed this course, but are still somewhat unsure over the difference between preposition and a pronoun, English Grammar for Teachers is a comprehensive overview of grammatical knowledge and terminology.

If you wish to book an in-person or INSET training session, or have any other queries, please contact us at the Survey of English Usage email address:

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Teaching English Grammar in Context

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