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Englicious and corpus linguistics

Read an article explaining how Englicious uses authentic examples by drawing from a corpus.

Many people have a bad experience form learning grammar through rote exercises and pat phrases.

This course recommends using authetntic texts (stories, articles, extracts etc.) that come from real life. This way, the language that is studied will feel real to the learners since there is a sincere motivation behind it.

Similarly, many of the resources from the Englicious website make use of authentic texts. These texts are drawn from a corpus, meaning a collected body of texts in English from the UK. Instead of relying on theories thought up separately from real life, these resources use real life language to illustrate grammatical rules and patterns. This also means that as time goes on and usage changes, so will the rules and patterns of grammar!

Take a look at the following Englicious resource: Coordinating or subordinating conjunction? Complete the activity and press ‘Submit Your Answers’. By clicking the Try Again (new examples) button, you will see more relevant sentences, each one drawn from the corpus of real life usage.

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