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It gives me great joy to guide you into some movement that will energize you and also ground you in peace. So stand with your feet as wide as your hips, feet right under your hips, and open your arms, making sure you don’t hit anybody. Feel to the tips of your fingers, br ing your arms in and cross your wrists on your chest, on your heart. Flow with your breath and close your eyes, feeling the ground with your feet and just observe how you’re feeling and observe any sensations in your body and flow with your breath. Now, visualize what you love the most. This can be a person, an animal, an activity, or an object.
Where do you feel this love in your body? Take a deep breath in and exhale, let this love expand into your whole body. Feeling the energy of love, let’s begin in reverence, to love and to loving. The best feeling in the world is love. Feel love for you so the people around you. Feel love for the earth and all beings, all creatures. Now, open your eyes from this presence of love, and let’s bring our heels down one at a time. As you’re bringing your heels down, feel that it’s into peace, that you’re bringing them down. Feel the peace under your feet. You see the earth and it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing shoes.
You can do this with shoes or in bare feet. Now, speed up the bringing down of your heels and let the energy of the peace rise up into your legs. Feel the energy of the peace with the vibration, come into your hips, into your abdomen, and into your back. Draw the peace up into your heart, into your shoulders. Feel the energy of peace and vibration in your neck in your face in the top of your head. And now begin to bounce, bouncing, release the back of your shoulders and your neck, the bouncing, release any tension in your upper back, in your middle back and the lower back.
In your hips, back of your legs, release the whole back of your body, and now release the front of your body. Release any tension, any worry, any anxiousness , and the size of your body released.
And release up.
One more, and come back with your hands on your heart and step. As your stepping feel your ankles, your legs, feel your hips, your belly, feel your heart center . Feel your shoulders, your arms, and hands. Feel your whole back. And now in your own way, shake, shake in your own way for a few minutes.
Shake especially in the places that you feel your body feels more until you are more open.
Flow with your breathe as you’re shaking.
Gently, slowly bring your shaking to a stillness and stand. You’re going to bring one leg up at a time, press your leg down. Make sure that you feel engagement in your abdomen, press down and now faster. Step gently,
good, good. And then two more. One, two, step, step, step, step open together, open together. Step, step, step, step. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Shoulders,
bring your shoulders up taking steps and moving your shoulders up and down and come back down and shake it out. And now be on the balls of your feet. Step, step, step and rise up, go back down. Shake your shoulders as you’re tapping with the balls of your feet. And come up, and down, up and down.
Stay down with your heels down, shaking your whole body
and slow your shaking down. Take steps again, one knee at a time. Coming up,
two more, one, two, and come back down, lower your shoulders, loosen your neck. And lets start drumming. Drum, keeping your knees soft. Bring the drumming up higher,
You can
keep going with the drumming, shaking off your body, back down.
Slow your breathe. And Just step, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, oh, and close your eyes. Start to bring your hands down without opening your eyes and feel joy in the top of your head, feel joy in your forehead, feel joy in your neck. Feel joy in your heart as your hands come down, feel joy in your abdomen. Joy in your hips. Joy in your legs, in your feet. Joy in the earth. Feeling both the joy and the peace in your hands and cross them on your heart. Open your eyes. Thank you. Roll up your spine and go. Bring your hands down.
And feel the energy, feel the energy and the peacefulness.

We are going to finish out the soft skill portion of Meeting Global Challenges with a return to embodiment practices.

We hope that as you looked at major global and technology trends, you were able to remain centered along the way. Some of these changes may seem overwhelming which is why we pair them with information on embodiment, mindfulness, and meditation. We hope these techniques will benefit you as you continue your studies into major global trends.

Stand up and follow along with Banafsheh as she demonstrates another series of embodiment exercises that you can do at home or at work to benefit your physical, mental, and emotional state

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