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Further examination of Chloe’s abdomen

Okay then Chloe, I need you to do a few checks on your tummy. Can I just get you to lie yourself down a little bit for me? Thank you and we’ll just move that pillow over there. Just gonna have a little listen to your tummy. Have you been to the toilet today? No. No. Have you not been for a wee today at all? Okay, alright. Just gonna pop this on your hand. Just relax your hand darling. Does that hurt when I’m pressing there? Yeah. Okay. Alright. Okay Chloe I’ll be having more of a press on your tummy. Have you any pain down here? Yeah. And here? Yeah. Here? Yeah. Okay, and up there?
So it’s all over your tummy this pain? Yeah. Okay. And I’ll just have a little press around your back. Any pain here? A little bit… A little bit. Okay. You can sit yourself back up now if you want to. Chloe just a few personal questions I need to ask, okay? Are you happy your mum being here? Yeah. That’s good. Okay. When was your last period? Five weeks ago. Five weeks ago. Okay. and would you normally be quite regular with your periods? Sometimes. Sometimes. Okay. And a very personal question but I have to ask you. Any chance you could be pregnant? No. No, sorry. I have to ask, okay. Alright then. And have you had any bleeding at the moment? No.
No, okay.

What signs from the video above would reassure you that there is no acute abdominal pathology?

Our impression is that there is nothing seriously wrong with Chloe. One of the traps some people fall into is any child with chronic pain where no organic diagnosis has been made is just as likely as any other child to develop an acute problem. Can you think of a possible diagnosis in Chloe that would merit further medical attention?

Can you identify any other barriers to communication in this scenario?

Have a think about these questions and discuss with the group.

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