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Ok, he’s showing some signs of deterioration now, so are you able to just hook him back up to the machine for me, I’m going to have a look for some access in his arm.
So he I think he is completely unresponsive now.
So we’ll get this access in, we’ll do some fluids, maybe I’ll do some paracetamol en route but just more importantly the fluids.
He’s completely shut down. I don’t think I’m going get any access in his arms. Let’s try the other side. We can always consider an IO can’t we? Yes, in the worst case.
I don’t think I’m going to get anything from this side either. Ok. I’ll tell you what if I put the call in, are you able to just have a quick look in this foot for me? Yes. There’s a tourniquet there for you.

Once the crew get Marley to the ambulance his condition continues to deteriorate.

  • You call ahead to the hospital. What would you say to summarise what has happened so far?
  • Anyone want to take a stab at the final diagnosis?
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