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Brand Architecture: Red Bull

Watch Raj Venkatesan explain Red Bull's brand architecture and how to align product attributes and benefits.
All right, welcome back. This was probably a bit more difficult than a brand personality exercise. There’s a lot more moving parts but that’s okay. We’ll work through this. We’ll do maybe one more exercise here. But let’s first look through what I did. And I have to admit, I found it a little bit more difficult, too, than doing the brand personalities, I fumbled myself through this, but let’s see what I got. And maybe that will help you refine your answers and match notes and whatnot. So let’s look at what I got here. So for brand attributes, I said Red Bull is sleek. It’s tall and narrow, and that’s why it’s sleek. And it tastes different.
But the product that tastes different and the ingredients in the product gives the benefit of energy and the different taste gives a sense of variety, a benefit that the consumer’s looking for is variety, and exploration of different things. And all of this energy, variety, and exploration gives the emotional benefit of being awake, doing different things, having endurance, and having fun. So who would like to have a lot of this together? We go back to our brand personality. It’s the person who is 17 to 25 years old, we all would like to, I would like to be like that, but it gets difficult over time, I’m not that person anymore. But it’s about a person who has free spirit.
Skateboard and X games that we talked about and what does all this personality and emotional benefit lead to in terms of a core essence? It’s about having wings and, in fact, I borrowed from Red Bull’s campaign about it gives you wings. But it makes consistent with all the attributes, benefits, and emotional benefits, and personality here and it’s wings and adventure is the core essence of the brand. So as you can see, this was a bit more difficult than just doing brand personality but it also gives marketers working through this, gives marketers t he discipline to ensure that all the actions they’re taking for their brand leads to a bigger meaning about the relationship the brand has with its consumers.
So you got time for one more. Let’s look at the other brand we did last time, Etch A Sketch. Let’s look at Etch A Sketch. You take five minutes, now, I pick ten minutes. I’ll be generous here, take ten minutes. And let’s walk through the product attributes and what product benefits the consumers are looking from these attributes. And what emotional benefits these products give the consumer. And what the brand personality would be of a person who is, if Etch A Sketch was a person, and what does all of this lead to in terms of the core or essence of Etch A Sketch?

Now that you’ve considered the brand architecture for Red Bull, Raj shares his interpretation and how the brand pyramid is fully aligned to ensure all marketing actions contribute to that interpretation.

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